1. I don’t think of it as graphic. Other people have used that word and we took a lot of criticism for that front page picture. That picture that Tyler took in the early days of the famine we put above the fold very prominently on the front page of The New York Times and a lot of people said, ‘It’s graphic, it’s too disturbing, it’s sensitive.’ And our point was, ‘It’s supposed to be disturbing. What’s happening is disturbing.’ Is it graphic? Graphic almost [means] a gratuitous sensationalist approach to depicting something. We didn’t feel that. We weren’t trying to exaggerate or be especially dramatic. Our approach was to be very nonjudgmental – not so much understatement, but just be very straightforward.

    — Jeffrey Gettleman on the photograph that Tyler Hicks took of the dying child in Somalia [complete interview here]

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