1. I took the opportunity to try to speak to the president about women’s reproductive rights. And that conversation was curtailed very quickly by people who removed me from him and lifted me, as I recall — forcibly but gently — away from the receiving line. And I just thought, ‘That’s too bad.’ Because he’s our president. He’s my president. I may not have voted for him. I may have wanted to move to Canada when he was elected, but still, we have a right to have a dialogue about this. So on the one hand, I was very moved by being at the White House and meeting the president and first lady and seeing the welcome they had put out. But at the same time, it was kind of a farce, I thought.

    — Sigourney Weaver, on her 1984 trip to the White House.

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    Tomorrow: Sigourney Weaver

    Tomorrow: Sigourney Weaver

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