1. This is the video ‘webinar’ I gave yesterday about my job. If you’re curious about my anti-strategy social media ‘strategy’ (which I call common sense) feel free to take a look.

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  1. Advice for Public Media on Social Media?

    I’m giving a webinar later today on social media (which I believe you’re welcome to attend, if you want.)

    I’m supposed to tell public media people about my job and how they can use social media for their shows and stations. I have a power point presentation and some links and stuff but thought I’d ask if anyone has any specific advice, either for giving presentations (eek) or for people who might be getting on social media for the first time….


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  1. People looking for jobs in public TV/radio

    If you’re on Twitter, track the hashtags #pubjobs #pubmedia #nprjobs — I keep seeing a ton of positions mentioned with these hashtags — and then you don’t have to wade through all of the job sites yourself.

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  1. Posted on 19 October, 2011

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    Happy Tumblr Tuesday all. A while ago we posted a short list of Public Media-ites on Tumblr. On Columbus Day, NPR Fresh Air posted a similar thread asking for the employees to step up.

    So, here is a new recommendation list of active and semi-active public media shows and stations and…

    Get your fix. 

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  1. Anonymous said: Will you please repost the list of all the other NPR tumblrs? I can't find it in your archives. Cheers!

    This list of public media-related Tumblrs was curated by Teresa Gorman, who runs the NewsHour Tumblr. If there are any missing please let me know (mkramer AT whyy DOT org) and I’ll add.

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  1. Public Media Peabody Recipients 2011

    Almost every link goes to the full performance. Enjoy!

    Radiolab (their tumblr)

    Great Performances: Macbeth (PBS)

    Sherlock: A Study in Pink (David Bianculli review)

    Lucia’s Letter (WGCU)

    LennonNYC (Cynthia Lennon on Fresh Air)

    Trafficked: A Youth Radio Investigation

    Independent Lens: Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indians

    The Promised Land (APM)

    Covering Pakistan: War, Flood and Social Issues (NPR)

    Seeking Justice for Campus Rape (NPR)

    My Lai (PBS)

    The Moth Radio Hour (PRX)

    Behind the Bail Bond System (NPR)

    Elia Kazan: A Letter to Elia (PBS) 

    William Kentridge: Anything is Possible (PBS)

    POV: The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers (Bud Krogh on Fresh Air)

    The Wounded Patrol (PBS)

    Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children (BBC4)

    Wonders of the Solar System (BBC Science Channel)

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  1. Posted on 1 February, 2011

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    Tumblr Tuesday-Public Media Style


    It is Tumblr Tuesday and time for some recommendations.

    Showing Public Media some love:

    Who are we missing?


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