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    Monday: Keith Richards

    Monday: Keith Richards

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  1. Keith Richards’ Terms of Endearment for Terry Gross Used During His Fresh Air Interview


    I did it lying down, darling.

    I don’t know about you, honey, but I do most of this stuff lying down.

    Darling, I don’t know. I dreamt it.

    I love them both, honey. Don’t ask me to cut the babies in half.

    I mean, it’s only rock n’ roll, honey.

    I didnt never knew what they called it, honey.

    I mean, boo, we all bump into death at one time or another, honey.

    Good try, honey.

    Listen here. Transcript.

    In case you missed it the first time — or want to hear it again — be sure to tune in today for our encore presentation of Terry’s interview with Keith Richards. The guitarist opens up about his music, his legendary journeys on the road with The Rolling Stones and his occasionally contentious relationship with lead singer Mick Jagger in a new memoir called Life. 

    — braiker

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  1. Audio for Terry’s interview with Keith Richards is now live. Enjoy!

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