1. I had been a metal-head for a number of years by that point, so it was in my DNA, there was no way I was going to lose that. And what I got to have then was the influence of hip-hop. Hip-hop was the music that everyone was listening to in Rosedale, not to mention much of the rest of the United States, but it was just starting to really bubble up and become the popular music. And I just got to take that on as well and it was only years later that I sort of thought about it and realized both hip-hop and heavy metal are both working class male power fantasies, right? That’s all they are: ‘I sold my soul to the devil and I am now an overlord,’ or, ‘Look at my car, I got a lot of money.’ They are both about, ‘I don’t have anything but I want to get something,’ and for that reason, both of them had a great impact on me and it wasn’t so hard to take both on.

    — Victor LaValle on being a metal head and getting into hip hop

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