1. Bioelectricity is similar but not identical to the stuff that’s in sockets. Both are electrical currents and, in both cases, the electrical current is nothing more than a flow of charged particles. But the stuff in our houses is carried by electrons whereas the stuff in our bodies is carried by ions — salt such as sodium chloride, common salt in other words, the stuff you put on your meat. The second thing is that the speed is very different. So electricity in wires is carried at the speed of light, which is around 186,000 miles a second, whereas that in our bodies is very, very much slower.

    Frances Ashcroft on the difference between electricity in wires and electricity in our bodies

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  1. To get you in the mood for today’s interview with British scientist Frances Ashcroft, on the electricity that powers our bodies, we bring you Body Electric’s “Magic Electronic.” Lunch-time dance party, anyone?

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