1. We were so excited to hear about your summer albums that it got us talking at the office about a summer album staff pick extravaganza… So here goes. From Fresh Air associate producer John Myers:

    In the days since I was asked to submit a favorite summer album for the Fresh Air Tumblr, Labor Day has come and gone.  Now talking about my favorite summer album (Dr. Dog’s “Be the Void” by the way) seems like the musical equivalent of wearing white linen pants in October.  So, I’m submitting a favorite fall album.  Here it goes.

    Craig Elkins is my favorite songwriter.  I should also mention (in the interest of full disclosure), that he was my employer for a few of the best years of my twenties when I was the Stage Manager for Craig’s old band Huffamoose.  But, I was a fan of Craig’s music long before I was paid to string his guitars, and I’ve remained a fan in the years since Huffamoose broke up.  Since then, Craig has recorded music under different monikers (Craig Craigstofferson, O.L.D.) and moved out to Los Angeles where he’s settled into a nice groove. 

    Craig has since shed the monikers and, in August, released the new album, “I Love You” under his real name.  It’s a great fall record - dark, introspective, honest and hopeful.  It also features really talented musicians - Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello), Charlie Gillingham & Dave Immergluck (Counting Crows), Neil Larsen (Leonard Cohen), and Jason Karaban. 

    Here are a couple of videos for songs on “I Love You.”  I hope you like them as much as I do.

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  1. Attention passengers. While we bring you this short in-flight interruption…

    Yowei here - I’m another associate producer at Fresh Air and I’m *excited* to be joining Heidi with Tumblr-ing, Tweeting, and writing up our interviews for the web. We’ll be switching off around every two weeks, and playing musical chairs at a desk with multiple screens.

    With the exception of the above headline, I promise to try my best to avoid airplane humor.

    …which, of course, makes me wonder, how does fresh air get into airplanes?

    Thank you, Internet. Really, on average, airplane air is refreshed 20 times an hour compared to 12 times an hour in an office building?

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