1. Jason Isbell is on the show today and he sings a few songs while he’s at it. This one didn’t make the final interview cut, but you should listen to it anyway. He covers Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” and then breaks down why he loves the song.

    Update: Full interview here.

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  1. via Today:

    "Parks & Recreation" funny woman Amy Poehler has been making short videos for her Smart Girls Channel since last July, and has been answering questions from young people about everything from makeup to anxiety to friendship. But in her latest video, which went online Thursday, she seems to be not just answering a question from a 16-year-old … but looking at a larger, very immediate issue: The recent Boston Marathon bombings.

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  1. Today’s show: an archive interview with avant garde composer John Cage, who’s the subject of international celebrations this year, marking the centennial of his birth.

    Also from the archive…an interview with the late Robert Moog. A festival of electronic and visionary music in tribute to him takes place this weekend.

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