1. It is currently 88 degrees in Philadelphia. As we at Fresh Air I continue refusing to believe summer is over, here’s another installment from Fresh Air Summer Album Staff Picks. From associate producer Therese Madden:

    I have been listening to Fiona Apple’s The Idler Wheel all summer long. With a new baby at home, I find the album both soothing and somehow exciting - this combo hits the spot.  In the song Valentine, she sings ” I root for you, I love you, you you you.” I sing that part out loud to my daughter.  A lot of the lyrics are not really baby appropriate, but this one rings true.

    Try this. Hold this lovely image of Therese’s daughter in your head, close your eyes, and listen to this video of Fiona Apple performing “Valentine” in Boston earlier this year. Now that’s some summer. Enjoy your weekend, folks.

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