1. In remembrance of 9/11:

    A year ago we interviewed the women behind the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, a center that trains and researches search and rescue dogs.

    Cynthia Otto, founder of the center, previously worked at Ground Zero with dogs to find survivors in the rubble. She has done extensive research following the lives and health of the dogs that served there.

    Annemarie DeAngelo joins Otto as the founder of the New Jersey Canine Unit (and director of the Penn center). In her 14 years of working with dogs she has found missing children, criminals, and narcotics using canine science.

    Puppy-in-training Bretagne is also at the mic, as you’ll hear. She’s currently in search and rescue puppy college.

    Also, protective goggles for dogs are called “doggles.” You’re welcome.

    If you’re interested in more about the center here is their site:


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  1. Meet Bretagne, one of our guests in the studio today. She was named after Bretagne Corliss, a dog who deployed to the World Trade Center after the attacks of 9/11. Bretagne is getting trained at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, which studies search and rescue dogs and trains future working dogs.

    Dr. Cynthia Otto is the Center’s director and a veterinarian who specializes in emergency, critical and disaster medicine. She also served on a team that cared for search and rescue dogs after 9/11.

    On September 11th, we’ll talk with Dr. Cynthia Otto and Annemarie DeAngelo, the Center’s training director and New Jersey State Police Canine Unit founder, about the health, life, and training of a working dog.

    (Please note the cooing of Fresh Air staff in the video.)

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