1. Ian Hunter performing in 1979, “Cleveland Rocks” - a cover of which went on to become the theme song for The Drew Carey Show.

    From Ken Tucker’s review of Hunter’s 20th studio album, When I’m President:

    Hunter spent part of his Mott the Hoople years expressing a British man’s yearning for the freedom of America, mythologizing cities in a song such as “All the Way from Memphis” or, on an early solo album, “Cleveland Rocks.” On his new album, he has a song called “Wild Bunch,” and if you’re wondering whether he’s invoking the all-American Sam Peckinpah film, the references to outlaws and a quick verse from a hymn used in that movie (“Shall we gather at the river”) dispels any doubt. Which leads, inevitably, to that most American of themes here: the title song. Being British-born, Hunter can’t really occupy the presidency, but he can have fun imagining, as he puts it, leaning on the 1 percent to get elected and seeing his grizzled old mug on Mount Rushmore.

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