1. A very clear memory I have is watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Charles Laughton. Watching that movie and the scene where he swings down and saves Esmeralda [played by Maureen O’ Sullivan]. … And I just remember the way it’s shot, you see him way in the background and then he comes right into frame and picks her up. It’s an amazing shot and the music kicks in, and I just remember when that happened, my mom gasping behind me and her watching, going, ‘I just love this, I love that moment.’… That moment is one of my favorite moments because it’s a great film moment, but I just think of my mom … getting choked up…so that feeling, you just become a junkie for it. I just want that feeling over and over again.

    — Bill Hader on his love of old movies

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    Hunchback of Notre Dame

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