1. They [Salafists] are very, very restrictive in the way they interpret Islam, they have a very specific ideology … you see them as probably 30-40 percent of all the fighting that happens in Syria. …Why? Because most of the support is coming again from the Gulf countries, from Saudi, from Qatar, who really espouse these ideologies. And again, they [Syrian rebels] really have to take money from these countries because no one else is giving them money. I’ve met Syrian rebels who grow beards, who espouse this very conservative radical rhetoric when they speak. In reality, they drink, they take drugs, they have nothing to do with Islam, but they have to adopt this ideology to get money and support.

    — Ghaith Abdul-Ahad on Syrian rebels posing as Salafists, followers of an ultra-conservative sect of Islam. He reported for the PBS Frontline documentary, The Battle for Syria.

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