1. The Master at the Toronto Int’l Film Festival

    From Fresh Air producer Ann Marie Baldonado at the Toronto Int’l Film Festival:


    This one goes out to Heidi Saman:

    "Ideally you are just doing something that gives you your best shot at make believe or time travel, that gives you the best opportunity to kind of charm somebody into think they are watching something that happened and everything we were seeing when we shooting with this camera was feeling like that."

    — Director Paul Thomas Anderson at a press conference for THE MASTER on September 8th, 2012, at the Toronto International Film Festival, talking about his decision to shoot the film with a 65mm film camera (which is printed on 70mm film).

    ***Primarily used in the 1950s and 60s, 70 mm film yields a brighter, sharper, smoother image than the commonly used 35mm film (or digital).  THE MASTER is one of only two films from the last decade shot entirely on 70mm.  

  2. The Master

    Paul Thomas Anderson

    Fresh Air at TIFF