1. Well, in writing songs, we — we’re always trying to be as good as we can be — try to be at our very best.  We’re not always at our very best.  I think that’s an impossibility for anyone.  And then there are time constraints when there are recording sessions to go into; films where the song has got to be produced in a given amount of time; and then the theater piece where it’s gotta go in very quickly.

    So consequently, you let go of songs sometimes before it’s every bit as good as you hoped it would be.  I think with Alfie, in my case at least, that song came as close to being the way I wanted that — a song to be.

    — Hal David on the favorite song he wrote, “Alfie” - performed in this video by Dionne Warwick on German TV in 1977

  2. Hal David


    Dionne Warwick