1. "I was about to become a father again… and I have always had a fire inside me, just like my father did, and my grandfather did, and my great grandfather did, and I didn’t want my son to have it… I started thinking about legacy… That and Ryan told me that he had always dreamed of robbing a bank and riding a motorcycle into a u-haul truck."

    — Director Derek Cianfrance, speaking about the inspiration for his new film A PLACE BEYOND THE PINES at a Q & A after the premiere of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, Friday, September 7th, 2012.  Ryan Gosling plays a motorcycling bank robber who has a infant son.  Cianfrance and Gosling collaborated on the 2010 film Blue Valentine.

    ***Update: A Place Beyond the Pines was just purchased by Focus Features which means it will be coming to theaters soon.


    Fresh Air producers Ann Marie Baldonado and Lauren Krenzel are currently attending the Toronto International Film Festival.

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