1. No one’s ever repeated the act of doing a mid-census redistricting as [Tom] DeLay did. I mean that was a very, very chance-y thing to do and invited all sorts of legal repercussions. But what they have recognized is the very notion of using partisan redistricting, not just as a means of protection, but as a spear point to gouge the opposition in a way that had never quite been done so aggressively before. No, he’s become a role model in that regard.

    — Journalist Robert Draper on the political legacy of Tom DeLay’s radical re-districting strategy in 2003

    Tom DeLay was the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. After being indicted for money laundering on September 28, 2005, DeLay stepped down from his position as Majority Leader. On November 24, 2010, DeLay was found guilty, but is out on bail, while his case is being appealed.

    He appeared on Dancing With The Stars in September, 2009.

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