1. As proud citizens of this City of Brotherly Love, we would be remiss not to wish our own Mr. Benjamin Franklin a very happy 397th birthday. Sir, your dictionary of words for “drunk” — as well as some other accomplishments — lives on. We salute you with the above Drunk History of your tangle with that kite and the sky.

    From the ‘B’ section of Franklin’s synonyms for “drunk”:

    His Head is full of Bees,
    Has been in the Bibbing Plot,
    Has drank more than he has bled,
    He’s Bungey,
    He sees the Bears,
    He’s had a Thump over the Head with Sampson’s Jawbone,
    He’s Bridgey.

    Here is Walter Isaacson’s Fresh Air interview on his Franklin biography, Benjamin Franklin: An American Life.

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    Walter Isaacson