1. Apropos Of Nothing

    TBB Note: I can’t take credit for this post because it was in Mel’s drafts box, but it is hilarious and we miss her so I thought, what the hey, I’ll post it! Meanwhile, my five followers over at *Taps Mic* are getting this today: *crickets* You guys are so fun though! (Why yes, that is shameless promotion for my tumblr blog, *Taps Mic*. Mel specifically said in her instructions to me before she left, “Dear TdoubleB: Please please PLEASE shamelessly promote your tumblr blog, *Taps Mic*, all week long.” So there. I have vowed to follow her instrux to.the.letter.)


    I found this piece in the NPR archive and thought it was hilarious. It’s old, but decent.

    After substantial research I’ve concluded that the following topics are the cornerstones of NPR’s Most E-mailed articles:

    • Food stories and recipes
    • Neti pots (These ancient homeopathic devices are used for nasal irrigation. A story about them was #1 most e-mailed for 2007.)
    • Star Wars
    • Student life
    • Scientific discoveries
    • Quinoa (the super grain)
    • NPR’s esteemed science correspondent Robert Krulwich
    • The classical arts (theater/opera/symphonic music)
    • Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul
    • This I Believe" pieces (stories of personal tragedy/loss and the overcoming of said loss)

    With these popular topics in mind, I present the following NPR piece.

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