1. This morning on NPR news there was a story about plans for “Container Park" in Las Vegas. The report called it "industrial chic" on a large scale: 35 re-purposed shipping containers with modular cubes designed to foster local businesses and community space. This “classic urban revitalization" will include a bike shop, eateries, and a playground.  It is intended to be a place for locals, as opposed to the mammoth development downtown intended for visitors.

    Container Park is set to open this fall.

    A few weeks ago Fresh Air interviewed Rose George, a journalist who wrote a book about shipping containers called Ninety Percent of Everything: Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes on Your Back, Gas in Your Car and Food on Your Plate. In this interview she explains the history of shipping engineering and how it drastically changed commerce.

    Are shipping containers going to change urban design the way they changed commerce? What do you think of Container Park?

    image via Vegas Chatter

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