1. The feeling in Pakistan is very mixed. I think there’s astonishment and embarrassment and anger at the idea that [their] intelligence might have been involved in trying to protect bin Laden. But at the same time, there is a very large conservative, fundamentalist anti-American lobby which would want to try and salvage something from this — and one of the things they can salvage is that the Americans have attacked Pakistan’s sovereignty by launching this attack without taking permission. … All the talk in Parliament over the past 24 hours has all been about the question of sovereignty. For some people this is a way of escaping the real question, which is: Did bin Laden have protection from anyone?

    — Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid joins today’s Fresh Air for a conversation about what officials in Pakistan might have known about his compound in the country — and what bin Laden’s death means for the future of U.S.-Pakistan relations. 

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