1. Julianne Moore talks to Dave Davies about what she learned while working on the soap opera As The World Turns for three years at the beginning of her career:

    I learned to be a professional. You might have, as a character, 30 pages of dialogue a day if you’re what they call a ‘front-burner story.’ So you go home, you learn your lines for the next day, you get up, you’re there at 7 in the morning, you do a quick rehearsal, you’re on camera, you might leave, you know, at 7 at night and start the whole thing over again. And you have to do it. Everyone’s working very, very quickly. There’s not a lot of time to help anybody, you know, and they have to get it down, too. Unless somebody really blows a line that’s going to be the take they use. That’s just how it is. So you sometimes don’t give the kind of performance you want to give and there’s just not enough time and you go home and you watch it and you’re like, ‘Wow, I was terrible and so you think how can I make this better?’

    Above, Julianne Moore in As the World Turns

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