1. When we read the lede to Kathleen Rooney’s piece in The New York Times, "And Now, Deep Thoughts About ‘Deep Thoughts", we were scandalized. It read:

    This past fall, while teaching poetry to undergraduates, I witnessed something of a literary tragedy. Each week, I asked a few students to read a contemporary literary journal of their choosing and present one poem that particularly struck them. An unmistakable pattern began to emerge. In the final week of the quarter, I voiced my discovery: “Have you guys noticed that you gravitate toward poems that are like ‘Deep Thoughts,’ by Jack Handey?”

    Crickets. Blank stares.

    These students knew not Jack Handey’s ‘Deep Thoughts’? The horror. Allow us to do our part in rectifying this vast and unfortunate generational gap. See above. Now you know, kids. And we promise you are the better for it.

  2. National Poetry Month

    Jack Handey

    Deep Thoughts

    Very Important Things

    Good Deeds