1. You can divide famous people into two broad categories. Those who find fame a burden and those who take it like a tonic. Roger Ebert is one of the latter. That rarest of creatures — a film critic everyone knows — he really enjoys being Roger Ebert….”Life Itself” begins with a reference to Ingmar Bergman’s film “Persona,” and ends by quoting Tintin’s dog, Milou. But reading this book I was struck by how deeply he’s inscribed with our national character; the decency and good humor and happy acceptance of other cultures. The recognition that the world has murky depths he’d just as soon not dwell on. Above all, the eagerness to engage with life. You see, unlike a lot of film critics, Roger Ebert knows that there’s more to living than just sitting in the dark.

    — John Powers review of Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself 

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    John Powers

    Life Itself