1. All educations, we realized then, are not created equal. For Ryan and me, of Pahrump, Nev., just an hour from the city, the Vegas boy was a citizen of a planet we would never visit. What we didn’t know was that there were other, more distant planets that we could not even see. And those planets couldn’t see us, either.

    A study released last week by researchers at Harvard and Stanford quantified what everyone in my hometown already knew: even the most talented rural poor kids don’t go to the nation’s best colleges. The vast majority, the study found, do not even try.

    For deans of admissions brainstorming what they can do to remedy this, might I suggest: anything.


    Claire Vaye Watkins in The New York Times on the subject of college recruiting.

    Watkins was on the show a couple weeks ago talking about her childhood in Nevada and writing. You can listen here.

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