1. John O’Connor and I had decided to get married and he was a year behind me and so I was out of law school and we both liked to eat, so that meant one of us was going to have to work and that was me. I needed a job and I wanted to work as a lawyer. I had graduated high in my class and I thought I could probably get a job. We had notices on our placement bulletin board at Stanford Law School that said, ‘Stanford law graduates: Call us if you want to get an interview for employment. We’d be happy to talk to you.’ I called at least 40 of those firms asking for an interview and not one of them would give me an interview. I was a woman and they said, ‘We don’t hire women,’ and that was a shock to me. It was a total shock. It shouldn’t have been. I should have known better. I should have followed what was going on, but I hadn’t and it just came as a real shock because I had done well in law school and it never entered my mind that I couldn’t even get an interview.

    — Sandra Day O’Connor tells Terry Gross about trying to get a job interview after finishing law school

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    Sandra Day O'Connor