1. Above is a montage of gratuitous sexy man photos of today’s guest, Bradley Cooper. Terry asks him about poses like this on the show today.

    TERRY TO BRADLEY: There are certain kinds of sexy man poses that I think are just hysterically funny … particularly true of fashion models, clothes models.  They’re staring at the camera like I am so attractive – “I really can’t believe how attractive I am!” They have this passionate look in their eyes, but you think what is going on in their minds is “If I could make love to anyone in the world, it would be to myself, cause I’m that good looking.’  And then there’s the sexy man pose where he’s running his fingers through his hair, thinking “yeah ladies (or some men) you’d like to be doing this too, wouldn’t ya?” 

    Listen to Cooper’s response here. (Spoiler alert: Bradley Cooper draws the line at trampolines.)

    For the full interview go here.

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