1. In middle and high school, there’s an awareness that some of us must be gay and we don’t know who’s gay or how you become gay. A huge part of what animates homophobia among young people is paranoia and fear of their own capacity to be gay themselves. I write “Savage Love” and everyday I get letters from 14 and 15-year-old boys, primarily, who are worried that they’re gay because they don’t understand how you get to be gay — how that happens. And in almost all cases, these letters are from boys who are straight — who are not gay — who are not going to be gay. But they believe that gayness is like some sort of cancer and it grows on you if you’re not careful and not vigilant. Where do they get that idea that gayness is chosen?

    — Dan Savage, on the fear and paranoia that exist in middle and high schools about being gay. 

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