1. New York Times investigative reporter Louise Story on whether money used for incentives is being taken away from public programs:

    Texas schools have had their budgets dramatically cut in the last couple years. They lost $5.4 billion in the last legislative cycle. By the time they lost that money, Texas was already spending the 11th least amount per student in the country. So, they’re already at the bottom of the heap on what they spend per student and they cut it further. ….

    It’s a little difficult to talk about exact causality, because … the general fund of a state is like a big bowl of the water  … [Y]ou pour a little out on one side, well, which part of the glass, or which part of the bowl, did it come from? It’s a little hard to say, but certainly this amount of cash out the door in Texas, and foregone tax revenues but through different incentives they have and tax breaks, is money they don’t have at a time they have been cutting the school budgets.

  2. Louise Story

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