1. I was watching the Johnny Carson show, and his guest that night was Jerry Lewis, and I remember Johnny saying, ‘So, Jerry, I understand you’re teaching school,’ and Jerry said, ‘That’s right. I’m teaching cinema at the USC School of Cinema.’ And [when] I heard ‘School of Cinema,’ I never thought anything like that even existed. … I remember literally jumping up to my feet in the living room and thinking, ‘My God, a school to learn how to make movies!’ And the next day I went to the library and found the catalog for USC, and I opened it up to their cinema department. And right there on the front page was a photograph of Alfred Hitchcock standing in front of his class at a lectern, and I thought, ‘My god, this does exist!’ And so I went on this quest to get into the USC film school.

    — Robert Zemekis on learning that such a thing as film school exists

  2. Robert Zemeckis

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