1. My father was really a very tolerant guy in many ways, but didn’t kind of know a whole lot about cross-dressing and transvestism … and one night after a premiere of an Ed Wood movie — and you can imagine what kind of event that might have been — [Ed Wood] came home with my dad. They were driving together, but Ed Wood was drunk and couldn’t remember where he lived, or couldn’t tell my dad. So my dad said, ‘Well you can sleep it off in the car outside.’ [He] went inside to the apartment and my mother was there, who was 26 years younger …and they had the two little boys, my two brothers. And my mother, who is very soft-hearted, said, ‘Oh don’t leave him out there on the street; have him come in and he can sleep in here. He can take our room, and we’ll sleep in the boys’ room.’

    So in the morning, the family was sitting around having pancakes with the little boys, and out comes Ed Wood, and he’s wearing my mother’s negligee and a bra that he had found evidently hanging on the back of the bathroom door. And that was it for my dad. He did order him to leave at that point. My mother I think was shocked, but knowing her, probably laughed a little, too. So he actually never saw Ed Wood again after that.

    — Margaret Talbot on the night Ed Wood stayed at her parents’ home

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