1. "I just went about my business and helped people around studios, meanwhile biding my time until it was OK. But it was a bit of an arduous process because every time I had an operation, they had to wait and see until it settled down and it was totally healed to see whether it was healed correctly, and that I could just go on from there. And a couple of times it didn’t heal correctly, and I had to go back and start again, and they did skin grafting and things, which I must say is quite painful — not so much where they sew the skin, but where they take it from — and then they have to wait and make sure it’s taken, so it’s a long process."

    — Grace Coddington on stopping her modeling career as she healed from a major car accident that disfigured her face

    Photo credit: Willie Christie/Courtesy of Random House

  2. Grace Coddington

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