1. "I usually get the zig-zag, but I may also see lattice patterns, like tessellations; sometimes these lattice patterns seem to cover people’s faces or a piece of paper I’m writing on. I mostly get complex geometrical patterns; I’ve never actually seen … images with a migraine, although on at least on two occasions, I’ve have had a smell — in particular a smell of hot buttered toast — with a strong sense that I was about 3 years old, being put in a high chair, and about to be given hot buttered toast, a sort of olfactory hallucination often goes along with recollection in that sort of way.

    "The first time I got that I was in hospital, and I went searching for the toast. The second time I was driving on the Bronx River Parkway where there was obviously no toast to be had."

    - Oliver Sacks on the hallucinations accompanying his migraines

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