1. I’m so interested to see what this has done to me. And I do know that what I feel lucky for and what has prepared me for now is that throughout my comedy career, I have evolved and changed, and what I think has been important, not just in comedy but in life — and it’s so cliché, but really — to take your own advice. And that’s what I’ve done in my standup, and it has helped me because I started out a dry, deadpan one liner comic that didn’t smile on stage. And I have allowed myself, by taking my own advice, to write longer jokes…and going onstage to talk about my cancer and my mother’s death, that’s not something I would normally do…I’m going to do whatever makes me feel comfortable and I’m gonna do whatever I want to do, and hope that the essence of me and what people liked about me in the beginning will come through.

    — Tig Notaro on taking her own advice

  2. Tig Notaro

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