1. Prouty, who also had worked for the church, had told them that Hubbard had actually been an intelligence agent, and the records were, as he said, sheep-dipped. That’s apparently a term of art in intelligence that maintains that there were two sets of records. And we obtained all of Mr. Hubbard’s military records, and there was no second set of records. There was no evidence that he had ever acted as an intelligence agent during the war in any serious capacity, and that he had never been wounded.

    — When Lawrence Wright asked the Church of Scientology’s spokesman Tommy Davis to square the records that The New Yorker obtained with the Church of Scientology’s own records, Davis replied that the Church was also puzzled by the discrepancies until it found an expert named Fletcher Prouty to clarify the matter for them. (From Fact-Checking the Church of Scientology)

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