1. So here I was with a wheelbarrow full of zebra remains in the hot African sun and after transporting that stuff around and slopping it hither and yon, I ended up covered with the blood and the guts and the gore, so to speak. And I realized, of course, that in that moment, I was very much like a vulture myself. But with my long ponytail and my T-shirt and my jeans, I wasn’t very well adapted to the lifestyle.  I was covered with the stuff and it got me thinking…about vultures and their feeding habits and the advantage of having a bare head.  I had originally been wondering what would make a bird lose something so inherent to its nature as its feathers. And of course, in this case for the vultures, it’s this awful stuff they’re eating every day and having lost their feathers that allows them to remain much cleaner and more free from bacteria and parasites and disease.

    Thor Hanson on what got him interested in feathers

  2. Thor Hanson