1. Anonymous said: How many unique daily hits does fresh air get each week/month?

    We get roughly 1 million people visiting us each month. [citation] I don’t know how that’s broken down by day/week, because it’s dependent on a lot of factors [day of week, guest, archival things floating to the surface, etc.]

    To be honest, I don’t really obsess over the numbers at all. I like that public radio separates the business side of things from the editorial side of things — and I’m firmly on the editorial side of our show. I glance at the traffic figures and I know that certain topics will always do better online — politics, sex, religion, health. But I’m glad Fresh Air doesn’t look at traffic figures to determine content, and I don’t obsess over traffic figures for the same reason. An interview with a poet or physicist gets the same web treatment as one with a big celebrity or political topic — and I like that. No one at Fresh Air is saying ‘You have to meet this quota or traffic figure’ which I think is the way it should be at our show.