1. beccap said: Whose idea was it to start a Fresh Air Tumblr? Was it hard to convince coworkers/higher ups that it could be a meaningful communication tool for your program? Has (or would) Terry ever guest blogged on the Tumblr?

    It was my idea back in August of 2010.

    I am lucky because my coworkers trust me with the Internet stuff so I don’t really have to jump through any hoops and frequently just start new things to see what works and what doesn’t. (I don’t have to ask…but generally let them know that I’m thinking of trying something new that may or may not work…) They also trust me to not be an idiot on any of these mediums and I’d like to think that I mostly fulfill that expectation.

    Terry hasn’t guest blogged but if people have questions, I ask her and then write what she says in response…She spends most of her time doing interview prep and doesn’t have much free time.