1. trending topics on twitter last night

    This is my last Terry/Colbert related post but this a) is so ridiculously hilarious and b) unbelievable that I had to share. Shortly after the show ended last night, these were the trending topics on Twitter.

     *   #TellTheWhiteHouse
     *   #middleschoolmemories
     *   #SexualPickUpLines
     *   #HighSchoolMemories
     *   Deron Williams
     *   Nets
     *   Kris Humphries
     *   Magic Cyclops
     *   Terry Gross

    I guess that’s what they mean by the Colbert Bump. I also want to say how much I enjoyed meeting everyone who works at Colbert. The producers, host and staff members who work on the show are really class acts. Nice, funny, gracious and creative people. I had a great time watching the taping and also learning how their show works behind the scenes. (Thanks Monica!)

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