1. It’s very exciting for people at City Hall when Nathan shows up. He’s kind of like the mayor of New York. … The woman who was behind the glass kind of fingers me to come over and I walk over and she goes ‘Is that Nathan Lane?’ and I go ‘Yeah’ and she goes ‘Oh. We’re going to get you a private room.’ So we went over and she says ‘The last celebrity who was here was Tony Randall’ which was like seven years or eight years before and he was getting married himself, I guess. And she said ‘And [Randall] said ‘I do not want special treatment’ so he did not go to the front of the line, I guess. And Nathan goes ‘Well, I want special treatment.’ He did not want to wait there. So we went into this private room and yeah, we got married.

    — Mike Birbiglia, telling Terry Gross what it was like to have Nathan Lane as the witness at his wedding, on Fresh Air, October 18, 2010.

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