1. Hi There

    Ian and Mike from "How To Do Everything" here. As Mel told you, we’ll be tumblrsitting here for a few days while she’s on vacation. To give you a sense for what to expect, here are 5 things we’ve learned on our show:

    1. When Navy Seals are trying to tell you they won’t be returning your call, but they can’t tell you why because they’re on a classified mission, they say “Sorry, I got some SGO.” This stands for “S*** Going On.” You can use it too, even if you do not go on classified missions.
    2. The Queen of England always travels with her own personal white leather toilet seat.
    3. The word restauranteur is actually spelled restaurateur.
    4. You should tip at least 10% even when you’re just picking up takeout. 
    5. There’s a little arrow on the gas gauge on your dashboard that tells you what side of the car the tank is on. This is helpful when renting a car or if you own a car and you’re really forgetful.