1. Fresh Air Tumblr FAQ

    Where can I find the music bed/guest/topic that I heard on Fresh Air?

    We post all of that information on the show’s rundown each day. You can find the rundowns listed here. Here’s the NPR website search form. And here’s a way to search just the content on our show (if you remember a guest and not a date.)

    How does Terry Gross prepare for her guests/interviews? Where are the guests located?

    Terry reads a ton of stuff every night when she goes home. (She actually carries a little cart back and forth to work.) The associate producers here research each of the guests and provide Terry with background, articles, books, clips, movies, TV shows, etc. Terry reads all of it and then writes up a list of questions. But a lot of times during interviews, she goes with the flow of the interview, and thinks of new questions.

    The guests go to a studio close to their homes/offices. So unless they live in Philadelphia (where we are) we generally don’t see them. The interviews can run anywhere from 2 hours after they’re taped (we call this a turnaround) or a few days/weeks later.

    Who runs the tumblr and other social media? 

    Our Assistant Producer of Online Media, Molly Seavy-Nesper runs the Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook with occasional contributions from Associate Producer Heidi Saman. Molly and Heidi’s desks are approx 4.5 feet apart, so they discuss the posts together frequently.